The Lab: September 2016

To date we have used music, our bodies, and national events as the impetus for story creation. Next we'll work from images and continue to experience and explore multiple interpretations of an individual source.

the lab: July 2016

This session is devoted to reflection and creative work in response to the violent events of the last week. If you care to write it out, dance it out, sing it out...this will a space to do so. A therapist, a writer and a biophysicist walk into a performance workshop to explore the violent events of the past weeks through art...

Folklore as Communication

I had the great pleasure of spending a couple of hours with 25 energetic and determined young professionals from various countries in sub-Saharan Africa.  The topic was Folklore as Communication.  We engaged in dialogue around the varied definitions of folklore but the highlight was the creation of their own Origin stories.  There was music, dance, call and response, testimony, pain and laughter.  Thank you Department of African Studies for hosting the Mandela Washington Fellows in the Civic Leadership Institute.  I received much more…

Potluck & Play

Potluck & Play is a series of play readings hosted in my home with good people, good stories and good food.  I utilize these readings to engage with new material and/or prepare for full production. Next Up: A reading of Adam P. and Adrienne Kennedy's Sleep Deprivation Chamber in preparation for its full production at The Station Theatre in the spring of 2017.

Water and the Common Good

I facilitated a workshop hosted by Prairie Rivers Network with the support of the Illinois Speaks micro-grant through Illinois Humanities. Working with the local Girl Scout troupe in Springfield, the workshop was shaped around the issue of a just transition from coal to alternative energy sources - the people affected and the coal ash left behind.