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Latrelle Bright is a freelance theatre maker focused on directing, solo performance and devising.  When not making theatre, she uses theatre exercises and techniques to engage groups and communities in arts-based civic dialogue.

This I Believe

Find out more about her work:

Productions: A visual history of selected directing credits.

Projects: Long-term creative endeavors that generally have a life after the initial performance.  These include devising and solo performance.

Workshops: Selected examples of arts-based civic dialogue workshops she has facilitated.  More information can be found here.

Performance Studio : A new creative space for making new work and exploring dynamic stories.

Art Now!
Guest Artist – University of Memphis
Fun Home at The Station Theatre
Men on Boats at the Station Theatre
Quantum Voyages
Into the Quantum World

View her current Web CV 2018.

View her current Bio 2018.