this i believe

Storytelling plays a substantial role in how we make sense of our world ~ how we view the biodiversity of the planet we all share, our fellow folk and ourselves ~ therefore the stories we tell are vital to our collective sense of well-being.  The well-being of the marginalized and the planet is my primary focus in this endeavor.

The Water Project: Warming up in the Allerton Barn

We are all storytellers, naturally.  Growing up around myriad storytelling mediums we have absorbed ideas about character archetypes, point-of-view, structure and time.  Performance Studio aims to be an environment where we can create new stories and reimagine old ones and where varied styles and forms can be explored.

My reverence is for live performance storytelling.  It is our modern-day campfire where folk gather for spiritual, educational and recreational purposes that stories provide.  To weep and laugh, together.  To share in fright and awe, together.  It is ephemeral in its physical enactment before us.  It is occasional in its ability to arise in memory.