the arachne project

The Arachne Project will be a series of short theatre pieces about resistance.  The Greek myth of Arachne is one of defiance, knowing ones’ worth, speaking truth to power, the consequences that power inflicts, and the ways we – the defiant ones – adapt to those inflicted consequences and are able to use our newfound context to continue to be defiant or be crushed.

I am calling each piece a tapestry and the first will be a collaboration with journalist and artist Nicole Anderson-Cobb and will focus on Vigilante Surveillance or Why are all these white people calling the police on black people?

I am excited to announce that I have received partial funding from The Puffin Foundation for new devised work!

Many thanks, again, to The Puffin Foundation for supporting new work in the cornfields of Illinois.

Arachne was the mortal daughter of a poor shepherd known throughout the land for her majestic weaving.
She boasts that her weaving is better than that of the goddess, Athena!
Athena hears of this and challenges Arachne to a Weaving Battle.
Athena’s weaving is grand but typical sugar-coated tapestries of the glories of the gods.
Arachne’s weaving, in addition to being more beautiful than Athena’s,
receives a great deal of attention due to the subject matter of her tapestries – TRUTH!
In the end, Athena condemns/curses her to be a spider, weaving (stories) for all eternity.