A Charlie Brown Christmas

by Charles Schulz.  Parkland College, December 1-11

I’ve focused on the final words from Linus’ speech, “good will toward men” and would do a 2016 revision of the language to say, “good will towards people, animals and nature.”  It’s really telling that Charlie Brown uses the word “depressed” to describe how he is feeling in the midst of the commercialism he sees around him.  Snoopy’s Christmas decorations don’t lift his spirit.  Sally’s long list to Santa doesn’t lift his spirit.  Even getting involved and directing the Christmas play doesn’t seem to do it.  But the tree.  The pitiful little “depressed” tree in the corner that no one wanted to buy and take home and nurture – that’s the turning point for Charlie Brown.  But the tree as it is isn’t enough.  It needs love.  That love transforms it into a beautiful tree.

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Charlie Brown: Daniel Howie
Snoopy: David Heckman
Lucy: Maddy Childress
Linus: Lukas Mills
Pig Pen: Phillip Meadows
Frieda: Tafadzwa Diener
Schroeder: Cedric Jones
Violet: Erin Kaufman
Sally: Hannah Longest
Patty: Jenny Gleason
Shermy: Prince F. Robertson
Ensemble: Tyler Cook, Jacque Crossett

Stage Manager: Yen Vi Ho
Scenic and Lighting Design: Nicholas E. Shaw
Costumes: Sheri Doyle
Sound: Cynthia Booker
Props: Jessica Debolt
Music Director, Piano: Justin Brauer
Bass: Chris Beyt
Drums: Zachary B. Bowers
Hair/Make-up: Mallory Herges