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PRN Day at Allerton
Protecting Our Land, Water, and Wildlife: a 50th Anniversary Celebration of Stewardship

Join us at the Allerton Music Barn in Monticello for the PRN Day at Allerton!

In 1967, a walk in the Allerton woods sparked a stewardship campaign to save the Sangamon River from a proposed dam. Fifty years of stewardship later, PRN board, staff, members, and friends are celebrating the protection of the river and these beautiful woods. Join us for a day of celebration at Allerton on May 21st from 12:00 to 4:00 pm (rain or shine) at the Allerton Park Music Barn, 588 Allerton Road, Monticello, Illinois 61856. This free, family-friendly event includes:


* Picnic – Bring a picnic and enjoy a family friendly meal with friends.
* Guided Nature Walk – Follow along with local Environmental Almanac Writer/Photographer and PRN board member Rob Kanter as he observes the natural environment, capturing it in beautiful images with his iphone (for photographers and iphonographers or anyone who loves wildlife).
* Guided Birding Walk – Take a walk with local birder David Thomas.

2:00 PM
* The Water Project – an ensemble performance developed by local director and civic theater advocate, Latrelle Bright, examining our relationship with water

2:30 PM
* Celebrating our Bees and Pollinators – Sample locally-produced honey.
* Applauding Land Stewardship of the Central IL Grain Guild – Sample local artisanal grain breads.
* Honoring the Sangamon River and Wildlife of East Central IL – Art and photography exhibit by local artists and photographers.

3:00 PM
* River of Hope: Save a Place. Change Your Life – A multimedia reflection on 50 years of stewardship, including readings from Prairie Rivers Network member Amy Hassinger’s new novel, After the Dam, and video interviews with PRN founder Bruce Hannon and long-time members John Marlin and Jack Paxton reflecting on a lifetime of river and land stewardship that has helped shape the path of Prairie Rivers Network.