the effect of gamma rays on man-in-the-moon marigolds

by Paul Zindel
The Station Theatre

We can neither choose the parents we are born to nor the soil they fashion for us to grow in. Rich earth does not necessarily promise rich yield no more or less than desolate earth guarantees barrenness. Outside factors play a role. Water. Sunlight.

So here we have questionable soil with things existing in it. An embittered mother in a run-down unkempt home, two budding daughters soaking up water and reaching for light where available, an aged boarder for which nothing seems to penetrate and then, well…there’s Janice Vickery.

Smile Politely/Rebecca Knaur – Interview
Smile Politely/Rebecca Knaur – Review

Photo Credits: Jesse Folks


Director: Latrelle Bright
Set Design: Nicholas Schwartz
Lighting Design: Fing
Sound Design: Nora Simonson
Prop Coordinator: Jacob Foster
Costume Design: Emily Benziger
Stage Manager: Wen Bu


Tillie: Aubrey Helene
Beatrice: Rachel Rayburn
Ruth: Allie Weiss
Nanny: Jude Love
Janice Vickery: Xuan Li Leong