the lab

The Lab is a space for the creation and development of theatre performances.

We will engage in ensemble building, imagery and writing exercises that will render rough original work that can be explored further in The Lab together or on your own.

This is not set up for traditional published plays. There are several resources in town devoted to producing plays. However, if you’re wanting to create a solo performance, original ensemble work, write your own play or just explore story/storytelling, this is a space where that could happen.

The workshop is designed to be an energizing two-hour experience. No theatre experience or training is necessary. I hope to see you there!

COST: Suggested Donation, $5-$7 (please do not let $ deter you from participating)

Open to the Public ages 18 and up

DATE: August 26, 2017
TIME: Noon – 2:00pm
WHERE: Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
(The Sun Room)
202 South Broadway, Urbana, IL